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The "VO Buzz"


Jet Blu/ Coca Cola VO Campaign

Bosche Laser Measure TV Campaign

NBC Bay Area Breaking News

TV Announcer - NBC Bay Area - KNTV

Promos, Program Announcements, PSA's, Voice Overs, Opens and Closes, Billboards, Tags and Bumpers for the NBC Bay Area News.

Cutting Edge MD

Catch Milton as he takes you on a thrilling adventure, narrating a new show for Fox Sports

Boston Market National TV Spot

Hellfire Theatrical Trailer featuring Milton as "Jack "

Sea Otter TV Documentary

Threatened: The Controversial Struggle Of The Southern Sea Otter from Palomar TV on Vimeo.

St. Joseph Hospital

Listen for a new TV campaign for St Joseph Hospital that Milton just voiced

St Joseph Health TV- "Pancakes" from Milton Lawrence on Vimeo.

Milton is the voice of a new Tv and radio campaign for Farmer Boys restaurants (below)

....Also, a new campaign just launched using his voice for Enloe Medical Center

Milton is the voice for a worldwide video for Sony Pictures ..More details coming

Check out this Featured story about Milton from Espn

MOZY TV Commercial

 See a clip from Milton's latest national TV campaign as hes the spokesman for MOZY, a powerhouse internet storage company in the Now Playing Section

HeatSurge TV

 Breaking News!! WINNER of prestigious 2010 ERA Moxie Award for "Best Infomercial Under 250k". Live from the Heartland of America, this recently launched national TV campaign is creating a lot of buzz!

Milton co-hosts this infomercial for the famous "Heatsurge Fireplace" with the lovely and talented Anne Marie Howard. See the exciting clip in the "Now Playing" section!

Newport Film Festival

 My friend Rob Schneider and I chatting at the Newport Film Festival about which role in the new "Deuce Bigalow." movie I should play.... See the clip in the "Now Playing " Section.


 "See the new " Prankville" TV comedy promos for The CMT Network under "Now Playing"

Ocean Hunter

 Imagine yourself 100 feet below the deep blue water in exotic locations around the globe as you enter the world of "breath-hold spearfishing." Catch a glimpse of Milton narrating this adrenaline-packed series called "Ocean Hunter" for ESPN in the "Now Playing" section!

Voice Over

Recording for a new cartoon series, Milton spends many hours in studio as he creates characters for a new show.

Chef Milton

 See Chef Milton as he demonstrates his masterful skills culled from years of watching the Food Network & SNL as he hosts the "Samuri Slicer TV Show" ... Ah! What a relief ... No fingers were lost during the commission of this program.